Robey Deluxe Colloidal
Silver Generator

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- Simple and user friendly to use. Just fill with water and press a button.
- User can accurately set the concenttration from 5 to 80 ppm (parts per million)
- Fully assembled. Not a kit.
- Auto shut-off feature.
- Extended life electrodes included. Makes over 400 gallons!
- 30 day moneyback guarantee.
- 1 Year parts and labor warrantee.
- 120 Volts

Buy Now! Only $249.95

The Robey Deluxe Colloidal Silver Generator is the most
Advanced and User-Friendly personal generator.  Just fill
with water and press a button.  The Deluxe plugs
into any standard US wall socket.  A dial can be set to
change the concentration from 5 to 80 parts per million.

To operate the Deluxe, fill the 8 oz generating
bottle and set the dial to the desired parts per million. Then
push the green button. The green light comes on. When
the green light goes out the generator turns off and your the
colloidal silver is ready whenever you are.  It's that simple! 
The electronic circuit is not a timer, it actually measures the
amount of silver dispensed and compensates for variables
such as water temperature, conductivity, etc.

The Deluxe comes with complete instructions, and is
ready to use -- just add water! Detailed Info


 2140 S. Reservoir St.  Pomona, CA 91766


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